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Company “GIORGOBA” was founded in 2006. In Georgia, it was founded in 2013. The same name as the company GIORGOBA. Main products of the company runs in large scale (Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia). Our products are mainly sold in restaurants, expensive shops and supermarket networks. The company aims to roll out products a...

Georgian Wine History

The roots of Georgian viticulture have been traced back by archeology to when peoples of the South Caucasus discovered that wild grape juice turned into wine when it was left buried through the winter in a shallow pit. This knowledge was nourished by experience, and from 4000 BC inhabitants of the current Georgia were cultivating grapes and burying clay vessels, kvevris, in which to store their wine ready for serving at ground temperature. When filled with the fermented juice of the harvest, the kvevris are topped with a wooden lid and then covered and sealed with earth. Some may remain entomb...