Company “GIORGOBA” was founded in 2006. In Georgia, it was founded in 2013. The same name as the company GIORGOBA. Main products of the company runs in large scale (Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia). Our products are mainly sold in restaurants, expensive shops and supermarket networks.

The company aims to roll out products and to introduce people to the benefits. The company also has plans in the near future in the European market. Business negotiations are already underway.

The company GIORGOBA has a subsidiary of a small company. “VAKHTANGURI” in Georgia was founded in 2015.

At this stage the company introduce to people the products, that are sold in this places and win in the global market. The company offers high-quality wines at reasonable prices. The company plans to go the 2016 Wine Festival. The festival takes place in Paris. Also planned for the new year, the presentation of wine in Georgia “QVEVRI”. Our brand is available for tourists, and also provide information to contribute to the company's knowledge of how to produce wine in Georgia.